Leon Jackman Memorial Lecture - Place, space & interface: Art education in the changing museum

Heather Whitely-Robertson

The place, space and interface for experiencing art is changing. So too is the role of the art museum for facilitating this experience. No longer are museums merely containers for collecting and presenting art; and custodians of knowledge which is deposited in the minds of museum visitors, but instead, they are facilitators of meaning making within and beyond architectural space. They are enablers of collaborations between artists, children, community groups, councils and commercial partners; connectors facilitating cultural exchange and learning between different communities in different places; and disruptors of convention - provoking audiences to experience, explore and make meaning through art in new ways. What does this mean for our education audiences and what are the implications for art education? This talk will explore these ideas and ponder what the future of art education in museums might look like.

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